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The Mother Hen’s Love

Yesterday, the Second Sunday of Lent, I reflected on the Luke 13: 31-35. Jesus, the mother hen, will give his life out of love in the city of Jerusalem after he finishes his journey from Galilee. But that is not the end of the journey. We still need to travel with Jesus to the resurrection, to Easter. Herod Antipas, the fox, is now a footnote in history, whereas the risen Jesus and his followers are world renown and they prevailed despite opposition that was full of violent hatred. The journey Jesus made from Galilee to Jerusalem was not easy. It took courage, faith, and hope. Our journey during Lent towards Easter is a journey of faith and hope that we have a loving God who is like a mother hen who gathers her flock under her wing. She unites us as one church family where we belong together, and where we defeat hate with love. We are not afraid to love in the face of hate-filled violence because we are promised peace at the end of the journey.

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