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Divided Families, Communities, Nations

Being that I was born and raised in south Texas, y’all might think that I would like country music. While I don’t dislike country music, it is not my favorite kind. But I have taken notice of a song by Kenny Chesney, "Get Along," which he sang at the Country Music Awards last year.

I was particularly struck by the lyrics. Here is a snippet of the refrain: "Get along, on down the road. We’ve got a long long way to go. Scared to live, scared to die. We ain’t perfect but we try. Get along while we can. Always give love the upper hand."

You may remember, Rodney King in 1992 said, "Can we all get along." This was his plea in the middle of a week of violent rioting during which 63 people were killed.

Jesus clearly taught that loving others is the number one commandment and summarizes the Christian life.

Like Kenny sang, let’s give love the upper hand. This is the key to getting along, treating one another with respect and dignity. Forgiving and healing broken hearts, broken families, and broken nations. We live in an ever increasing diverse nation and world. Within the beauty of diversity, we can have a unity based on love, where we all get along.

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