Articles for publication on this site should be submitted by email to the contact shown at right.  Articles would typically consist of 1 to 5 paragraphs single spaced and no more than 250 words.  Please spell-check your article before it is sent.  Photographs accompanying the article should meet the guidelines included below.  Any article including reference to other individuals may require each person's permission, depending on its content. 





Photographs being submitted for publication on this website should conform to the following general guidelines.  Most photos will display well as jpg images, 80% or better quality and 640 x 480 pixel resolution and aspect ratio (Width/Height).  Higher resolution or other aspect ratios will be accepted, but may be subjected to cropping or downsizing - examples include photos of HD format (720p or 1080p).   Photos can have meta data indicating the author, title, capture time and date.  It is recommended they not be copyrighted.  Do not embed links that would be transferred to the website. Photographs may be sent via email to the contact shown at right, or by dropping off a flashdrive or DVD containing the photographs to the church office with a note attached with your name and the words "for web publication".


Permission to publish: the photographer is required to announce to all persons prior to being photographed that the photo may be published on a website and that those not wishing to be included can remove themselves from the photo prior to it being taken.  No formal release form will be taken or documented.





Video submittals will be incorporated in the near future, once basic groundrules have been established.  Please check back on this site for further instructions.


Submitting Articles, Photographs and Video

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