Small Groups







Small Groups are a way to grow our understanding of our faith and lead more fulfilling lives in spirituality.  The church has an active Small Group program that anyone can participate in and benefit from. 

Each of the groups ranges in size from 7 to 9 members.  Each group sets their own agenda - how often they meet, where they meet, what they discuss, and any other rules they want to apply to their group.  Some groups only meet when every group member can be available; other groups will meet regardless of the number of members available. 

If you are interested in joining a small group, contact either Pastor James or the church office. 


Continued Sign-up for Small Groups! We Need Volunteers to be Facilitators!

Every Sunday in April you will be able to sign up for small group(s) after the service in the Fellowship Hall.  If you are out of town or not attending the service, please feel free to contact Sonny Weber , Candy Sutton-Weber , or Cindy Ziegler.

Our church is embarked on a wonderful small group’s initiative that will allow people to share more personal things, become closer to each other, grow in faith, plus reach beyond our own church into our community for Christ.  Last Sunday, April 10th we held the “Small Groups Kick-off Event” with outstanding results.  We got lots of suggestions for different small groups, had forty-four signups for different groups and some for multiple groups

People signup for the following small group this past Sunday:

  1. Single Events – Number signed up - 2 -for singles that go on different outings to be shared together, such as walks, going to theatres, shopping, etc...

  2. Walking in Faith – Number signed up – 2 learn to grow together in our walk-in faith with the Lord together

  3. Book Club – Number signed up – 3 -pick out a new book once a month to read and discuss

  4. Religious Study - Number signed up – 0 discuss “Faith-based” readings

  5. Golfers - Number signed up – 2 - discuss and play as a group

  6. Veterans – Number signed up – 4 - fellowship with other vets and grow in faith together

  7. Progressive Dinners – Number signed up – 5 - have dinners at different group members' homes

  8. Boating - plan different boating excursions around the glade

  9. What you are reading (and food) - Number signed up - 1 - discuss general topics of books they currently are reading, plus share a meal together

  10. Grief Share - Number signed up - 3 -for those who have lost someone and want to share with others who had the same experience

  11. Nature Outdoor Group - Number signed up – 11 -meet with others outside and do different activities in nature…such as studying nature, walks, hiking, etc.

  12. Day Trippers – Number signed up – 3 - this group is going to plan, organize and go on day trips

  13. Travel Stories– Number signed up – 4 -share individual travel adventures and plan on doing some travel adventures, day trips, and even cruises, etc.

  14. Prayer Shawl – Number signed up – many (1) Knitting and crocheting to make some prayer shawls and have fun

  15. Comfort Quilts - Number signed up – 1 -this sewing group will meet to make comfort quilts and have fun

  16. Card Playing – Number signed up – 1 –Playing card games

Important: Be sure to sign up on Sundays after the service in the Fellowship Hall for the group(s) you are interested in or contact Candy, Cindy, or Sonny at the telephone number listed above.  

Important to remember we need to have a minimum of four members to begin a small group.  We need facilitators and if you want to be a facilitator, please let us know.  If you sign up for a group that does not have enough participants, you will be contacted.   Our goal is to have at least one meeting of small groups sometime in May and most groups will include both men and women (unless the group decides to limit it).