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Small Groups – Open to All Community Residences

Our church has embarked on a wonderful small group’s initiative that is allowing people to share more personal things, become closer to each other, grow in faith, plus reach beyond our own church into our community for Christ.  Last April we completed initial sign-ups for Small Groups and have already established ten groups ranging from four to thirteen members per group. We shattered all initial expectation of maybe beginning with two to three initial small groups, your ideas and excitement caused us all to greatly exceed any expectations! The following groups have facilitators, and have moved forward by having their initial foundational meeting (rules will be decided on when, where and how to meet), while a few other groups will not start till the Fall due to participants vacationing/traveling.  These groups are in the stages of establishing future activities already: Travel Stories, Progressive Dinners, Walking in Faith, What you are Reading, Boating, Book Club, Day Tripper, Prayer Shawl/Knitters and Nature.  The Small groups Grief, Card Playing and Singles events did not have enough participants to begin these groups at this time. 

Below are the established Small Groups,  a brief description of each group and whether they are OPEN for new members to join at this time:

  1. Walking in Faith – learn to grow together in our walk in faith with the Lord together – OPEN *

  2. Book Club –  pick out a new book once a month to read and discuss – OPEN*

  3. Veterans – fellowship with other vets, participate in fun activities and grow in faith together - - OPEN*

  4. Progressive Dinners – have dinners at places and venues such as members’ homes, restaurants, etc.

  5. Boating – plan different boating excursions on our lakes and have fun on the water in the Glade

  6. What Cha Reading  - discuss general topics of books they currently are reading, plus share a meal together -  OPEN*

  7. Nature Outdoor Group – meet with others outside and do different activities in nature…such as studying nature, walks, hiking, etc.

  8. Day Trippers –  this group is going to plan, organize and go on day trips - - OPEN*

  9. Travel  Stories–  share individual travel adventures and plan on doing some travel adventures, day trips and even cruises, etc.

  10. Prayer Shawl /Comfort Quilts – Knitting and crocheting to make some prayer shawls and have fun

  11. Grief Sharing - for those who have lost someone and want to share with others who had same experience – NOT Started – Too few members – OPEN*

  12. Card Playing – laying card games and other fun activities - NOT Started – Too few members – OPEN*

  13. Singles -for singles that go on different outings to be shared together, such as walks, going to theatres, shopping, etc. - NOT Started – Too few members – OPEN*


We are going to plan an “All Small Groups” gathering in the next year and at that time will look at new groups people may be interested in. Thank you all for the awesome participation in Small Groups and we are excited about the wonderful things God will do among us and through us.

If you have any questions or are interested in signing up for a Small Group feel free to contact:


*The ideal size for each small groups is 8 to 12 members, but due to everyone’s busy schedules more members may be signed up to facilitate maximum participation.

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