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The Difference Between Belonging and Tribalism

Loneliness is a painful existence. The need for belonging is essential to being made in the image and likeness of God, for God is inherently relational, interconnected to all that exists. If we humans don't experience a sense of belonging, we despair in loneliness.

Belonging that is healthy and life-enhancing is based on being appreciated, respected and cared for as a member of a group in which everyone is treated with compassion, dignity and equality. When we belong to such a group, we share values, rituals and attitudes that cultivate joy and peace.

Tribalism, on the other hand, is an unhealthy way of belonging characterized by feelings of superiority as well as hate and mistrust of those outside the group, which often lead to violence, abuse, and domination.

As human beings, we are social animals that need relationships. We can choose belonging that brings joy and peace, or we can choose tribalism that brings violence and hatred.

Jesus said love one another as I loved you. The love found in the life and teachings of Jesus is belonging, not tribalism. Let's choose belonging instead of tribalism. Peace be with you, my friends.

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