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Loneliness is rampant these days. Why is there so much loneliness in a world where we have advanced tremendously in technology used for communicating and connecting?

When we read the gospel stories of Jesus, we see he is frequently trying to reach out to those who feel estranged, separated, and isolated—the outcasts, marginalized and rejected, most of whom were labeled sinners by their culture. He invited them into his group of followers, not as individuals, but as members joined together in a common bond.

So many folks nowadays are choosing a spiritual lifestyle that is independent of an organization such as a church. But is this leading to more loneliness? I know church communities can be toxic, hurtful and damaging; hence many don’t want to be associated with them. I get that and have experienced that myself in the past. But let’s build a church community where there is authentic relationships of feeling that we are truly friends, that we are a church family, a place where we are accepted just as we are.

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