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Fairfield Glade is listed among the best Golf Resort Communities in TN. Ideally located on the Cumberland Plateau between Knoxville and Nashville, near Crossville, Tennessee. With championship golf courses, indoor and outdoor tennis facilities and numerous pristine lakes, Fairfield Glade was named a Top 50 Retirement Community in 2013 by “Where to Retire Magazine”.


Situated at 2000 feet above sea level, it is the highest point between the Rocky and Smoky Mountains. This elevation creates its mild climate with four distinct seasons that complement the abundance of natural wooded beauty, wildlife, pristine lakes and beautiful mountain views.


The epicenter of Crossville’s claim as the “Golf Capital of Tennessee”, our numerous amenities of this golf, tennis and lake resort community include 5 championship golf courses (including top 5 rated Stonehenge), 12 tennis courts (4 indoor), 11 lakes with 2 marinas, 12 miles of walking trails, 2 restaurants, 4 swimming pools (2 indoor) and recreation & fitness complexes. And if that weren’t enough to keep you busy, Fairfield Glade is just 6 miles off I-40 and a short drive to three metropolitan cities - less than an hour’s drive to Knoxville and an hour and a half to Nashville and Chattanooga. Affordable resort living with no state income tax and low property taxes make this a rare jewel among the rest! Read More




The City of Crossville has many assets, including our charming small town identity, our status as the county seat, the new Art Circle Public Library, the viable businesses and institutions located within and immediately adjacent to the downtown project areas.


In addition, Cumberland County which includes the greater Crossville area, is one of the most desirable, fastest growing counties in the state of Tennessee, and is marketed by the state as part of its Retire Tennessee Program.


Crossville and Cumberland County are known as the “Golf Capital of Tennessee”. Golf is a multi-million dollar industry in Cumberland County, and with communities such as Fairfield Glade and Lake Tansi, with additional populations which exceed 7,000 and help support this industry.


Cumberland Mountain State Park attracts recreational visitors to the region. In addition, Centennial Park, with the regions only skate park, is able to host softball, horseshoe, tennis, volleyball and soccer tournaments, catering to the growing sports industry. Read more.

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Cumberland Mountain State Park is situated on the Cumberland Plateau, a segment of the great upland, which extends from western New York to central Alabama. It is said to be the largest timbered plateau in America. This 1,720-acre park was acquired in 1938 as a project of the Farm Security Administration to provide a recreational area for some 250 families selected to homestead on the Cumberland Plateau.


The park is also home to the Bear Trace at Cumberland Mountain, which has been consistently recognized as a top golf course in the southeastern United States. The Jack Nicklaus signature layout features a design that capitalizes on elevation changes, as well as natural features, such as flowing brooks and clustered, mature pines and layered flagstone. Read more.

Cumberland County Playhouse is one of the Top Ten Theaters in Rural America and a non-profit, professional theater established in 1965. Our mission is to bring live theater entertainment to rural and small town folks. Over the years, people from all over America have discovered the big city excellence at small town prices. Read More.


The Palace Theater, from 1938 to 1978 the theatre provided a movie house to a small Tennessee community. It hosted entertainment events that featured Grand Ole Opry stars and was the site for scrap metal drives and the sale of War Bonds during World War II.


The doors of the Palace Theatre closed in 1978 and would have failed to open again had it not been for the effort of various citizens, fund raising and Federal Grant money that was provided. In 2001 the restored three-story building was able to open featuring a design of both Art Deco and Art Moderne styles.


Today the theatre continues its role in the community. Concerts, art exhibits, school performances and private rental keep the old building active. The neon marquee continues to shine a welcome invitation to step back in time. Read More

Tennessee has so much more to see than what you see as you drive down I-75 from the north headed for Florida. There is so much unseen beauty that you will be amazed as you travel and explore Tennessee. Tennessee Vacation Guide Read More


Rugby is an unincorporated community in Morgan and Scott counties in the U.S. state of Tennessee. Founded in 1880 by English author Thomas Hughes, Rugby was built as an experimental utopian colony. While Hughes's experiment largely failed, a small community lingered at Rugby throughout the 20th century. In the 1960s, residents, friends and descendants of Rugby began restoring the original design and layout of the community, preserving surviving structures and reconstructing others.


Rugby's Victorian architectureand picturesque setting have since made it a popular tourist attraction. In 1972, Rugby's historic area was listed under the name Rugby Colony on the National Register of Historic Places as a historic district.


The Rugby experiment grew out of the social and economic conditions of Victorian England, where the practice of primogeniture and an economic depression had left many of the "second sons" of the English gentry jobless and idle. Hughes envisioned Rugby as a colony where England's second sons would have a chance to own land and be free of social and moral ills that plagued late-19th-century English cities. The colony would reject Late Victorian materialism in favor of the Christian socialist ideals of equality and cooperation espoused in Hughes's Tom Brown's School Days.


From the outset, however, the colony was beset with problems, namely a typhoid epidemic in 1881, lawsuits over land titles, and a population unaccustomed to the hard manual labor required to extract crops from the poor soil of the Cumberland Plateau. By late 1887, most of the original colonists had either died or moved away from Rugby. However, a few carried on into the 20th century and the village retained a small, continuous population. Read More


Crossville and Cumberland County is a pro-business community dedicated to the well-being of its commercial, industrial, and residential citizens. The success and happiness of every man, woman, and child of Crossville and Cumberland County is essential to the Crossville - Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce. From premier medical facilities to great schools, Crossville is a great place to live and work. Not only is Crossville "The Golf Capital of Tennessee," it is home to numerous museums and shopping centers, making Crossville a place of tourism. The Crossville - Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce is an educational and caring organization that has direct impact on the citizens of Cumberland County.


From the beautiful scenery, to some of the best golf courses in the south; whether you are visiting or relocating, Crossville is right for you, and the Crossville - Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce is here to be your guide and friend. Crossville and Cumberland County is a great place to make a new life, start a new career, and have enjoyment in everything you do. Read More