July 14, 9am to 2pm:  Women's Fellowship Threads of Hope project.  The group will sort clothing at Threads of Hope, then venture out for lunch at the Beef & Barrel restaurant.  Be at the church by 8:45 to form carpools, leaving by 9am.  Return to church is expected by 2pm. 

July 29, 12pm to 2pm:  Shredding Event in the church parking lot - Rain or Shine.  Bring up to 4 boxes of items to be shredded.  Open to the church family and the Fairfield Glade community.  This event is FREE and the shredding service is secure.  A donation of canned goods or boxed items is voluntary, and all will go to the Peavine Care Center (our local food bank). 


Safety Rules for Worship Services: 

*Any individual experiencing an illness of any kind or does not feel comfortable in a crowd, should not attend live church services*.

As of July 4, 2021, the Board has modified the Covid restrictions for church services and Celebration of Life activities.  Please click this link to review the new restrictions:   Lessening Covid Restrictions

These changes go into effect as soon the appropriate committees can execute the changes.  Changes that affect the Sunday worship service will go into effect on July 4, 2021.

Until July 4th, the rules below remain in place:

  • Temperature taking is not required.  Wearing of masks when entering, leaving, and moving about the church will continue.

  • To accommodate comfort levels so all congregants will feel safe returning to worship services, the sanctuary will be sectioned for all services, as follows: 

    • ​Section 1 (right side of sanctuary when facing altar):  Mask wearing at all times is mandatory.  Social distancing (as is currently being practiced) is mandatory. ​​

    • Section 2 (center section of sanctuary):  Masks may be removed after seating.  Social distancing (as is currently being practiced) is mandatory. 

    • Section 3 (left side of sanctuary):  Masks may be removed after seating. Social distancing is not required.

  • Fellowship Hour after worship services will resume.  Beverages will be served outside under the portico.  In the case of inclement weather, Fellowship Hour will be canceled.  Since this will occur outdoors, wearing of masks is not required.

  • Church committee meetings and other church gatherings held at the church facility may resume.  Masks, sanitizing, temperature-taking, distancing and other restrictions are optional and at the discretion of the committee/group members. 

Other Restrictions:

1. Name tags will not be used and will be boxed up until a later date.


2. Water fountains will be closed; bottled water is available.


3. Coat hangers will be reduced in number and extra hangars stored. Wet coats or umbrellas will not be brought

into the sanctuary.


4. No “Passing of the Peace” will be conducted and bibles, hymnals, prayer cards and other paper products will be removed from the pews.


5. Large printed bulletins with hymns will be provided to each attendee by the ushers as they are seated. Individuals should take their bulletins home instead of leaving them in the pews.


6. Collection plates will not be passed through the pews. It is requested that individuals continue the practice of mailing their tithes to the church or using other electronic banking methods. Some collection plates will be stationed at the rear of the sanctuary for those who bring their offerings to the church. The Financial Secretary or her designee will be the only persons to handle the collection plates.


7. Sunday service should continue to be recorded and posted on YouTube or Facebook for those individuals who are not ready to attend services at the church. Individual birthdays and anniversaries will be in the bulletin and will not be announced by the liturgist, but we will sing the traditional song. Prayers of the people will continue to be conducted as it has been during the recorded services.


8. Communion will be served on the first Sunday of the month, or individuals can partake of bread and wine upon their return to their homes.

*Any individual experiencing an illness of any kind should not attend live church services*