All events are currently postponed

until the church resumes normal activities. 


Safety Rules for Worship Services: 

*Any individual experiencing an illness of any kind or does not feel comfortable in a crowd, should not attend live church services*.


1. Minimize seating in the pews for social distancing to every other pew and in the center pews limit to a maximum of 6 people per pew if they are household couples or 5 people per pew if any are singles. In the right and left pews limit to 4 people per pew if they are household couples or 3 per pew if any are singles. No one will seat themselves. The ushers will seat everyone to satisfy this social distancing requirement. This means you probably will not sit where you normally sit.

2. Have one service and open Fellowship Hall for additional seating to ensure item 1 requirements are met for social distancing. These additional chairs can remain in place since no other activities will take place. Chairs and pews will be cleaned between services. Hand sanitizers will be provided at all church and sanctuary entrances and restrooms.


3. Name tags will not be used and will be boxed up until a later date.


4. Water fountains will be closed; individuals should bring their own water bottles if needed.


5. Coat hangers will be reduced in number and extra hangars stored. Wet coats or umbrellas will not be brought into the sanctuary.


6. Greeters will be the only individuals to open doors. They will stand outside and hold the doors open for people to enter. The doors will then be locked during the service. Once the service ends, the greeters will prop the doors open for everyone to leave the church.


7. Because we are a large group of elderly congregants, everyone will be required to wear a face mask or covering. Masks are not only for our own protection but for others as well. Pastor, liturgist, choir, and musicians will remove masks when entering the chancel area. All attendees of the worship service should bring their own face mask or covering. No one will be allowed to remain if they refuse to wear a mask. Do not remove your masks at any time.


8. No “Passing of the Peace” will be conducted and bibles, hymnals, prayer cards and other paper products will be removed from the pews.


9. Large printed bulletins with hymns will be provided to each attendee by the ushers as they are seated. Individuals should take their bulletins home instead of leaving them in the pews.


10. Collection plates will not be passed through the pews. It is requested that individuals continue the practice of mailing their tithes to the church or using other electronic banking methods. Some collection plates will be stationed at the rear of the sanctuary for those who bring their offerings to the church. The Financial Secretary or her designee will be the only persons to handle the collection plates.


11. Sunday service should continue to be recorded and posted on YouTube or Facebook for those individuals who are not ready to attend services at the church. Individual birthdays and anniversaries will be in the bulletin, not be announced by the liturgist, but we will sing the traditional song. Prayers of the people will continue to be conducted as it has been during the recorded services.


12. The choir should continue being Angela and Austin only due to social distancing requirements.


13. No holding hands or touching before, during, or after the service.


14. No fellowship hour after church. Individuals should remain in their pews after service until the ushers release each pew starting from the back of the church. Once released, they should immediately exit the church and proceed to their vehicles.


15. Communion will be served on the first Sunday of the month (bread only - see guidelines on the Home page), or individuals can partake of bread and wine upon their return to their homes.


16. The church should be open for church services only. No group meetings or outside group usage until further notice. Access to the office during weekday office hours will continue to be by office staff only. All doors will remain locked with access keys removed from lock boxes.


17. Clean up of the entire church will remain the responsibility of the Property and Facilities Committee.


18. *Any individual experiencing an illness of any kind should not attend live church services*

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