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About Our Church

Our Church

Fairfield Glade Community Church (FFGCC), established in 1975, near Crossville, TN, is the first organized church in Fairfield Glade, TN.  The "Glade" has attracted resort visitors and retirees for decades and now over 7000 residents call it home.  


While Community Church is a member of the United Church of Christ (UCC) and the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA), we function as an inter-denominational congregation that has grown and nurtured worshipers from many different faiths.  The membership is approximately 250.  

Throughout our history, we have promoted local ecumenical traditions and acted with abundant generosity to local and regional missions with time, talent and material resources.  We have an exceptional music ministry of choirs and congregational singing led by our extremely talented music professionals. 


Community Church has been a Stephen Ministry congregation since 2004.

We are a congregation led community of faith with a governing board elected annually by all church members, and supporting committees.  Every member of the congregation has an equal voice and vote in determining how our church functions.  The pastor is the spiritual leader of the congregation, focusing on religious services, sacraments, faith development, community-building, outreach to those in need, and pastoral care.

Mission Statement


"That We All May Be One in Unconditional Christian Love."

We love and care for one another as members of a family, growing closer to God and one another.  We believe that God is calling us to love one another as Jesus Christ loves us.  Our mission statement boldly declares that Fairfield Glade Community Church is committed to discipleship, community, service for all, and most importantly to a deep and abiding faith in Christ and each other. 

Our Affiliations​

Our History


Fairfield Glade Community Church was born of a vision in 1975 that persons of diverse Christian beliefs could agree to come together in that diversity to worship God.


In forming an Interdenominational Church, our founders discovered that in sharing their diversity without judging their differences, they actually drew closer to God’s richness shared through individuals.  This tradition of respecting the “full freedom for spiritual thought and liberty of personal conviction”, as established in the Church Charter, remains our guiding light.


Today our membership comes from more than 15 denominational traditions, from evangelical to progressive, meeting under the same purpose.. to worship God, as revealed perhaps best through Jesus the Christ.

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