This is the Community Church of Fairfield David Vaughn


A very special welcome for all who enter here, Into this house of worship where God is very near.

Come in times of joy, in sorrow or in need. 

Come and share your burden our Church will hear and heed.

Come and join our service on Sunday morn at ten.

For once you've seen and heard us, you may even come again! 


We're of mixed denominations but we get along just fine.

Our congenial congregation is a blend of God's own wine.

Come and join our singing as we raise our voices high, Some have said our chorus rivals angels in the sky.

Come and hear the message that our revered pastor tells.

Of God's own words and wisdom for in his heart He dwells.

A very special welcome here if you'll attend.

For we surely will be thankful to have another friend!




Fairfield Glade Community Church (FFGCC), established in 1975, near Crossville, TN, is the first organized church in Fairfield Glade, TN.  The "Glade" has attracted resort visitors and retirees for decades and now over 8000 residents call it home.  


Community Church is a inter-denominational congregation that has grown and nurtured worshipers from many different faiths. The membership is approximately 250.  


Throughout our history we have promoted local ecumenical traditions and acted with abundant generosity to local and regional missions with time, talent and treasure.  We have an exceptional choir, bell choir and gifted organist to lead us in singing God's praises.  


Our Stephen Ministers are active, supporting the work of the church.  


We are a congregation led community of faith with a governing board and supporting committees. This governance structure enables the pastor to focus on pulpit and pastoral duties.  


The church has a longstanding resource based covenant with both the UCC and PCUSA.



That We All may Be One in Unconditional Christian Love.



Fairfield Glade Community Church was born of a vision in 1975 that persons of diverse Christian beliefs could agree to come together in that diversity to worship God.


In forming an Interdenominational Church, our founders discovered that in sharing their diversity without judging their differences, they actually drew closer to God’s richness shared through individuals. This tradition of respecting the “full freedom for spiritual thought and liberty of personal conviction”, as established in the Church Charter, remains our guiding light.


Today our membership comes from more than 15 denominational traditions, from evangelical to progressive, meeting under the same purpose.. to worship God, as revealed perhaps best through Jesus the Christ.

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Fairfield Glade Community Church is a welcoming and friendly Church for all people; accepting diverse beliefs, experiences, and backgrounds; watching over and affirming one another; reaching out to those in need; and encouraging spiritual growth.