Community Church's 
40th Anniversary 1975 - 2015

Artwork - John Anderson

Photo - Frank Wade





Putting on a happy face is easy – especially when celebrating!  Arlene Fawcett and Charlie Rau had the distinct honor of opening the year-long celebration of the 40th anniversary of Fairfield Glade Community Church.  Yes, that’s right.  There is a 40-year-old church – the very first church – in the Glade.  


Arlene read the Dedication from “Our First Decade”, a book that chronicles, in words and pictures, the first ten years of FFG Community Church.  To paraphrase Arlene’s reading, in the beginning they came to the mountain in search of a place to play, relax, to build their retirement homes.  They found it on top of the beautiful Cumberland Plateau.  It was just a matter of time until someone said, “we need a place to worship alongside one another – we need a church.”  And so began plans for the Church that would be started with a melting pot of people representing seven different denominations.  (There are fourteen denominations today.) 


Charlie Rau then recited a poem written by David Vaughn, who was a FFG resident and a member of Community Church.  This lovely, seven stanza poem speaks to the Church’s origins.  It begins “A very special welcome for all who enter here into this house of worship where God is very near.”  (Copies of the poem are available in the Church Office, 521 Snead Dr.)


During the course of the anniversary year, historical remembrances will be featured in worship services on the third Sunday of the every month.  Special events are being planned throughout the year for the entire community!  Watch for invitations to events in your local newspaper, and come celebrate the 40th birthday of Fairfield Glade Community Church!


Submitted by Patty Smith


40th Anniversary Quilt Presentation

May 17 2015

40th Anniversary Committee Report    November 30,2015

Jim Moore-Chairman, Arlene Fawcett and Frank Wade reporting

Jim Moore organized this committee with two main objectives: coordinate the year-long celebration of Community Church’s 40 years of service to the community and its congregation, and to promote the church in the community to help increase membership and participation. The committee was formed in November, 2014, and concluded with the Celebrating Dinner on December 6, 2015.


Charlie Rau and Arlene Fawcett kicked off the celebration in January by reading from the First Decade book. Throughout the year, members of the committee got up in church the 3rd Sunday of each month to read historical accounts of the early and developing Fairfield Glade Community Church from books Decade One, Decade Two and Decade Three. They described its founding as the first church in the Glade, attendance at several venues until the donation of property and erection of the current building (Fellowship Hall), building of the current sanctuary in 1985, and recalling contributions of pastors, speakers and artists over the years.
Concerts and other special events open to the public were scheduled over the spring, summer and fall. These were announced to the community over public access TV (Comcast Channel 12) in the form of an interview with Pastor Laurie Hill and John Anderson, as well as posting of announced events at the Community Center. Events included a concert by the Piedmont College Singers from Decatur, GA, in February, manning of a booth at the 3-day Fairfield Glade Arts Fair in May, a “Pops” Concert featuring local celebrity Charlie McElroy, an Ice Cream Social that included selections sung by 3 Nice Guys, a Barbershop Quartet from Knoxville, in August.


John Anderson provided the artwork used to create a quilt commemorating the 40th Anniversary. The quilt was assembled by a team of four ladies headed by Linda Cronwell. The quilt was completed and presented to the congregation on Sunday, May 17th. John’s design was also incorporated in a banner placed outside the church in March, and on schedules and postings throughout the community.


Costs for the programs and various materials used by the committee were funded from a portion of the proceeds of the very successful Trunk and Treasure Sale in held in October.
The celebration was concluded with the 40th Anniversary Dinner held on December 6. Judy Moore headed up the decorations and program for the dinner.