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ALL WOMEN who attend Fairfield Glade Community Church are members of Women’s Fellowship. 

The group meets on the second Wednesday of each month, except where shown below.  Meetings begin at 9:30 AM with a social time, a light snack, coffee, and tea. The meetings are usually held in the Fellowship Hall of the church. 

Programs range from informational presentations to field trips and mission work.  A short business meeting precedes the program of the month. Each month a different lady is in charge of the meeting.  The 2019 schedule includes a wonderful variety of activities. Please contact Jamie Freels or Judy Koskinen if you have any questions or suggestions.  


      President:  Jamie Freels

      Vice President:  Kathryn Rydz

      Secretary:   Mary Zanichelli

      Treasurers:   Judy Koskinen and Sue Ginter

Recent Events:  

Women’s Fellowship Special Workgroup Results


The ladies of the church gathered Tuesday morning the 14th of January 2020 to make pouches for the orphaned and injured animals of the recent bushfires in Australia. The group was led by one of our newest members of the church, Donna Lauzon. She is clearly a very experienced seamstress and had everything organized for us when we arrived, so that even those of us who didn’t know a bobbin from a straight pin could help.  And boy did they help out. The enthusiasm of the “cutters” and the “pinners” was such that we did not have enough time to complete all of the sewing. Several of the women volunteered to take the rest to complete at home. Thank you everyone who helped and donated fabric for this cause. At least a few little rescued animals will rest better because of your endeavors. Once we have all of the finished pouches we will ship them off to Australia.





Past Events:

Women’s Fellowship on Stage at The Cumberland County Playhouse















Bryce McDonald, Producing Director and CEO of the Cumberland County Playhouse treated the women of Fairfield Glade Community Church to a 2-hour tour of the playhouse on Wednesday July 10th. We all left feeling extremely lucky to have had such a thorough tour and privileged to have such a topnotch organization in our area. I think we all agreed that we would never see one of the shows there in the same way again. We got a sneak peak of some of the costumes for “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” Beautiful. A must see. We were all very impressed with the enormous amount work that goes into one of their shows.


Our tour was followed by lunch at the Vegas Steak House. It’s always fun to visit and get to know each other better over lunch.


April 10, 2019 - Spreading the Seeds of Christ's Love


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May 8, 2019 - Threads of Hope



The Small Groups during the current period have been formed and are active.  We have 8 groups with 7 to 9 members in each group.  If you are interested in joining a new small group, contact either Pastor James or Marty Smith. Pastor James recommends the following resource for small groups: