The Men’s Fellowship: gathers together with the primary purpose of spending time with friends and for the opportunity to get better acquainted with other church members.  However, we also provide support (transportation, handy man, etc) to church members needing assistance because of health reasons.  Additionally, we also make charitable contributions to worthy causes when funding is available.  Our major project for each year is a Ladies Appreciation Program Brunch.

Our fellowship meetings take place at breakfast Thursday mornings from  8:00am to 9am at Red's Ale House, Drew Howard Rd. Meetings are informal and with informative programs twice a month. Some programs entail field trips to places of interest.

Our group is self-sustaining, receives no funding from the church, and does not conduct fund-raising endeavors to support our budget.  Each year we send a letter of invitation to all male members of the church to participate in our fellowship with a request for an annual donation of $25 to cover our expenses and fund charitable contributions.  It is not necessary to make a contribution to participate in fellowship.

If you have questions, please call the church office or Dennis Flynn  931-287-0938

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The Small Groups during the current period have been formed and are active.  We have 8 groups with 7 to 9 members in each group.  If you are interested in joining a new small group, contact either Pastor James or Marty Smith. Pastor James recommends the following resource for small groups: