Church Board

Jim Hansen

Board President

2019 Board Members

The Board is the executive body of the church and shall consist of twelve (12) voting members elected by the congregation at the November congregational meeting.


The Pastor is ex-officio member of the Board with voice, without vote, and without the right to make motions.


The Board is responsible for carrying out the purpose of the church and to that end has jurisdiction and oversight of the congregation, committees, and all organizations. Further, it shall have the care and control of the property of the congregation as a sacred trust in accordance with the Charter.


The Board shall have all responsibilities not otherwise reserved to the Congregation or the Pastor.

Class of 2019


Dennis Flynn

Jim Hansen - President

Susan Milledge

Fred Wong

Class of 2021

John Schaefer

Ed Freels

Marty Smith


John Zanichelli

Class of 2020


Alan Joseph - Vice-President


Nancy Nowacki


Roy Koskinen

Judy Moore


Non-Voting Members


Mike Nowacki - Treasurer

Bernice Durbin - Secretary

Linda Cronwell - Minutes Clerk

Church Documents

By-Laws   FFG Community Church


Covenant  FFG Community Church

Charter    FFG Community Church


 2017 Annual Report